Hi, I'm Kelley North

Former gymnast, now a coach. I'm a gymnastics insider. Your road to the Olympics (or just that college scholarship) begins here.


Recommended Equipment

We go over some of the equipment that will benefit you as you train.

Gymnastics Is Life

Gymnasts will know what I'm talking about: the countless hours practicing, doing the same thing over and over, until our muscles remember exactly what to do, every time, with endless repetitions, sweating, bleeding, shaking, screaming, crying, laughing — it's the pursuit of perfection.

If what I've described is you, or is someone you know (a child, sibling, friend), then you're in the right place. On this website I'm trying to create and gather all the best gymnastics information and advice anywhere, with the end goal of helping you achieve your dreams.

Gymnasts with All Levels of Experience Welcome

For those of you who are just beginning your gymnastics journey, fear not: we've all been there, and the more you learn and practice, practice, practice (did I mention practice?), you will be well on your way to being a good gymnast — maybe one of the best; that's really up to you and how badly you want it.

Many of you visiting this site are a parent of an aspiring gymnastic gold medalist. You are also in the right place, and can pass along the information you learn along to your child. Most of the information about gymnastics equipment is for you, since it will be your job to pick it out for your gymnast so that he or she can practice at home.

Quick Things to Know About Gymnastics

What is Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a sport in which gymnasts perform acrobatic-type movements — such as flips, turns, jumps, etc. — on a mat or using some piece of equipment. Some common equipment used are:

  • Tumbling mats
  • Balance beam
  • Uneven bars
  • Horizontal bar
  • Parallel bars
  • Rings
  • Vaulting horse
  • Trampoline

The acrobatics the gymnasts perform require an incredible amount of strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, agility, focus, and grace, all of which cannot be achieved without dedicated training and consistent practice.

Improving As A Gymnast

This is the primary focus of this website: improving as a gymnast. Again, to do so requires extensive practice, and in order to practice you must have necessary equipment.

Where to Practice

There are a plenty of gymnastic training centers but if you want to really improve as a gymnast you need to practice outside the gym — namely, you need to practice gymnastics at home.