Best Dip Stations for the Money

Best Dip Stations for the Money

Fitness and health has become a major concern for many people in today. There are many people who consider going to the gym on a regular basis to keep fit. Nowadays, junk food is on the rise, and eating these foods is deteriorating people’s health. Thus, going to the gym has become a ritual for many people. It’s no secret that we should always try to remain healthy and fit. This can be by staying at home and working out, going to the gym or sticking only to healthy food. One of the gym products that can also be used at home is a dip station with which various activities can be done. Some of the best dip stations are listed below:

1. Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar Fitness Station:

Get ultimate results with this rather affordable dip station. It allows you to specifically concentrate more on the chest, shoulders, arms and core with bodyweight exercises in your home, office or even while travelling. Its exclusive feature wherein it can be closed up and packed together for travel makes life a lot easier. Its portability and feature of being able hold up to about 350lbs is what makes it so special from the rest of the dip stations. It is also supported by guides and tutorials on how to make the best use of this device and to fit your lifestyle and bring about incredible changes in it.

2. Black Mountain Products Heavy Duty Stand 3000-Pound Rated Dip Station:

This dip stand is rather light in weight and extremely simple to put together, making it easy to transport from one place to another, and gives you the flexibility to use it anywhere at any time! Each of the two dip stands has foam grips for ultimate comfort and support. This also helps it to sit level on any surface providing ultimate stability. It is best known for providing lean muscles and burning fat. They are often used for doing all kinds of dips, rows, body pull and much more. This comfortable design makes it possible for you to train anywhere at any time.

3. Titan Fitness HD Dip Station Stand Body Press Black Solid Foam Grips:

This one-piece dip station is known to be one of the finest quality dip station available on the market at the moment. It is perfect for performing tricep dips, rows and more during your workout. It has foam grips which makes it easy and comfortable to build muscle and burn calories. The pads on the bottom are also put together in order to protect your floor from any kind of damages and maintain stability during workout. Its weight capacity is that of 750 lbs.

4. 28.5” Dip Station Bars for Fitness Exercise by Trademark Innovations:

This dip stand is extremely simple to assemble because of its basic look and features. It comes with two separate bars. Each bar measures 14.5” x 25” x 28.5” and each stand weighs about 10.5 lbs. It also comes with comfortable padding that allows great grip. Its complete weight capacity is 300 lbs. It is great for doing all kinds of workouts, especially pull ups. It is an ideal piece of gym equipment that can be carried around and transported easily due to its light weight.

5. Apontus Dip Stand Station (with Push Up Straps):

The Apontus dip station is excellent for all kinds of dips including chest dips, tricep dips, bodyweight rows and knee raises. It has soft foam padding that gives great grip and helps stabilize any surface. Its material is that of pure steel which gives it great strength. It also comes in a posh, black color. It is very easy to assemble. The best part about this piece is that it also comes with bonus push up straps. It is an ideal equipment for pull ups and dips.


Thus, dip stations are a great way to help the body workout after a long day at work, or even in work itself. However, the right choice must be made when you look into buying a dip station, especially the weight, as the body weight of every person is different, and the dip station should be strong enough to withstand your body weight. The above mentioned dip stations, all have the advantage that they can be easily transported elsewhere for use at any time. It’s definitely great to have equipment such as a dip station that allows you to work out almost anywhere.