Best Vertical Climber Machines

Best Vertical Climber Machines

Everybody wants to be fit and healthy. And yet, so few of us actually are.

In today’s lifestyle, staying fit requires you to hit the gym. Lazy as we are, most people don’t want to step out of their homes, once they are back from the office.

They buy a few dumbbells, a workout bench, and few other equipment. But it’s still too much.

What then is the one machine that can exercise all your areas? And give you a full body workout right at your home.

No, it’s not the heavy treadmill. Say hello to Climbing Machines.

Adjustable, and affordable the climber machine can fit in any corner of your home. It can tone your body, strengthen your core and give you an intense cardio workout at the same time.

Below we have reviewed the best climbing machines that you can use in the privacy of your home, for a full body work out daily.

1. Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

Every category has a product that clearly outshines the rest. For a climber machine, it is the Maxi Climber.

Easy to assemble, use and store, it gives you great value for your money.

It comes with non-stick isometric grips and works with all body types. The maximum body weight to use this climber machine is 240 lb.

A clear leader in the market for this product category, the Maxi Climber has received overwhelmingly positive reviews when it comes to calorie-blasting.

2. Conquer Vertical Climber

For customers who can’t afford the Maxi Climber, this product is gold!

Coming at 60% price of the Maxi Climber, this vertical climber machine is durable and easily foldable.

It gives you an extreme aerobic workout with extremely high safety standards.

The only thing that puts it behind the Maxi Climber is the lack of electronic step and calorie counter. But you get to save over $70 if you can do a little manual counting.

3. Ancheer Vertical Climber Machine

A dedicated vertical climbing equipment. Number 3 on our list is this product is extremely comfortable to use.

Made of high quality alloy steel, it is light-weight and has a long life.

The pink color adds a slightly aesthetic appeal to the overall design of the product.

Apart from offering you the standard climber, with the electronic step counter, this machine comes attached with a micro resistant rest exercise bike.

You can use it to warm-up before you begin the actual climbing or between sessions if you need to catch a breath.

It also offers you the ability to adjust the height.

This added perk comes at a price, and this product sells for close to $200.

4. Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

This product is surprisingly cheap compared to its alternatives. That does not mean it compromises on quality.

It gives you a great workout, is comfortable to use and can be easily folded.

There is also a timer and step & calorie counter.

So, what brings down this product to #4 on our list?

It’s the handles on this stepper that do not move. Your upper body will not get as much work out as it will with the alternatives to this stepper.

5. Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle bars

Another budget product from Sunny.

The unique feature of this stepper from Sunny is that it comes with a twister to tone your buttocks.

Made from heavy duty steel, this is a sturdy product that is light on your wallet.

All the basic features of climbers are included, although the adjustable stepping could have a larger range.

Avoid if you have a heavy body.


Studies have shown that rock climbing exercise burns more calories in ten minutes, than a treadmill does in thirty. That’s intense workout!

When you are pressed hard for time in a busy life schedule, a climbing machine can be a boon to your body.

You can also use this if you feel shy about working out in public. All you need to do is get on that machine every day without fail and let it do the magic as you count your steps.

A total body home fitness solution, the vertical climbers offer you a toned body, strengthen your core muscles, and increase your fitness level by burning calories at a monster rate.

If you can afford it, the Maxi Climber is the best choice for both those who are starting out and those who are experienced with such equipment.

However, you can pick any product from out list and enjoy the fun of real rock rock-climbing without the security risk. And get a great body while you are at it. Start stepping on those climbing machines!