Best Gymnastics Balance Beams for Home Use in 2019

Best Gymnastics Balance Beams for Home Use in 2019

Gymnastics is a sport that combines an array of talents and abilities. To name a few, it takes strength, flexibility, agility, grace, and determination. One of the most important abilities for gymnasts, however, is balance.

Without the ability to find balance as well as maintain balance for extended periods of time, a gymnast will not be able to successfully perform most, if not all, of the gymnastic activities required of her/him.

Thankfully, balance can be improved with consistent practice on a balance beam. But time on the balance beam at your local gym can be expensive — with you either paying for just the gym time or gym time and a coach.

A better approach — and the true long-term investment in your child’s gymnastics future — is to purchase a home balance beam. This simple solution solves many of the difficulties of trying to get adequate practice time by allowing you to practice balance beam at home.

How Much Does a Home Balance Beam Cost?

That sounds great, you may say, but how much will a balance beam for home practice cost me? While the sort of quality you should be looking for aren’t dirt cheap, the top-tier beams really aren’t that expensive when you consider how much you’d be paying for gym time anyway. With a home balance beam, your child can devote as much time to practicing — uninterrupted — as she or he would like. You’ll end up saving money in the long run by being able to cut down on extra gym time.

A balance beam for your home can be anywhere from $100 to $250, but the pro-grade balance beams will usually cost somewhere around $200.

However, if cost is a major concern for you, there are cheap balance beams available, though keep in mind that the lower cost often comes with a lower quality product. Even though it may be a good idea to buy the cheapest balance beam you can find, it’s important not to skimp on your purchase when it comes down to safety.

Speaking of safety, it would be wise to also purchase a gymnastics mat to go along with the balance beam, to protect your gymnast from the falls that will naturally occur while practicing. For additional practice, you may also want to consider buying one of the best gymnastic bars for your home as well, and don’t forget about uneven bars either. As you can see, there are many equipment options that can help your gymnastic improve even while at home.

Balance Beam Quality

When it comes to quality, it just comes with the territory of cheaper products that they will use cheaper materials during manufacturing, which often leads to less stability in the final product, and with less stability comes an increased risk of injury.

With that said, we gave our best efforts to find the top home balance beams based on both quality and affordability.

Note: Our top recommended balance beams are of competition quality, meaning they will have a similar feel to the beams on which your child would perform in a competition. There are, however, very cheap balance beam models available, which are primarily for very young children or early beginners only. You can find an example of one of these cheap balance beams for beginners here.

Best Home Balance Beams​

When buying a balance beam for your home, there are several factors you should take into consideration, from durability and stability, to materials quality and pricing. After reviewing the available practice beams, here are our rankings of the top 5 gymnastics balance beams for home use:

This balance beam from Milliard stands higher than most models, making use of a patent-pending design that has a floor mode for beginners and a high mode for more advanced gymnasts. If you're looking for more height for your home beam, this product is a great choice.

This beam is as real as it gets — made of wood with a padded top and suede covering, it has a highly realistic competition look and feel.

This would be a great home beam that would enable your child to practice at home in a similar manner to how they would be performing in a real competition, which is invaluable for gymnasts.

Overall, this is an excellent balance beam for home practice, from a top-tier gymnastics equipment brand, and it's not very expensive either, which is why is sits at our number 1 spot.

A practice gymnastics balance beam needs to be thick, firm, and durable. This beam from The Beam Store has a wood-core and measures 8' long and sits 7" high.

This practice balance beam has a heavy-grade suede covering that makes the beam look and feel like balance beams used in competitions.

In addition, it has the same 1/4" type of foam padding that is used on competition beams.

The product has a 250 lb weight limit, up to which it is covered under a warranty.

Tumbl Trak is one of the biggest names in the gymnastics equipment industry, and for good reason: They're known for consistently producing high-quality products.

This 8 foot home balance beam sits low atop stylish studded colorful legs and is constructed of wood with 1/4 rubber padding and brown suede covering for a competition feel.

This beam is easy to assemble — just slide the beam into the legs, creating a seamless connection to the sturdy base, with Velcro providing additional stability.

Perhaps the best feature of this beam is its connection system, which allows for multiple Brianna Beams to be connected to make a longer beam.

Though this balance beam sits at the upper end of the price range, in our opinion it more than makes up for the higher price with increased quality and functionality.

This Joom Beem balance beam has three legs for additional support and stability.

A stylish purple covering will have your young gymnast excited to practice.

This is a folding balance beam that is easier to store and makes for increased portability.

Joom Beem is a reputable manufacturer of gymnastic products. This 8 foot balance beam is high quality and sure to be a great addition for practicing at home.

This product has a slightly lower price point than the others, but doesn't sacrifice too much in terms of quality. Overall it is a pretty good product, both for quality and affordability.

This gymnastics training balance beam from Z-Athletic is both great quality and affordable, near the lower end of the price range for balance beams.

The beam is 8 feet long and 4 inches wide. Its non-adjustable height is 7 inches.

It's made with a durable wood-laminated core and has a competition grade suede covering.

Like other home training balance beams, this product has a weight limit of 250 lbs.

Overall this is a great product, well-made and durable, providing enhanced durability while the gymnast practices at home.


Gymnastics is a difficult sport that requires consistent effort and practice. Meeting a coach at a gym a few times a week, however, is not enough to become great. To really excel at the sport, a gymnast must make the extra effort to practice outside the gym — really honing their craft and focusing on the the tips their coach provided (or hollered) in the gym.

In order to practice at home, however, they need access to the proper equipment. This investment isn’t cheap by any means, but if done right and you purchase high-quality products the first time, it will last a long time and provide your gymnast with accelerated improvement and long-term success.

When choosing a home balance beam, try to find a well-made product that will provide that competition look and feel. This is often overlooked but important, as how a gymnast practices will determine how they perform when it really counts — when medals are on the line. And always remember: never sacrifice safety for a lower price (this is a no-brainer for most).

I wish you the best of luck on you and your child’s gymnastics journey. It is a time filled with hard work and stress, but also overwhelming excitement and pride. I hope all of your dreams come true and more.