Best Gymnastics Mats For Home Use in 2019

Best Gymnastics Mats For Home Use in 2019

Gymnasts push their bodies to the limits. They are constantly in a state of motion, jumping and turning, twisting and flipping — hoping their extensive practice pays off and they land perfectly.

However, with all that comes the chance of injuries. While minor bruises can often be (and usually are) ignored, serious injuries can ruin a gymnast’s career.

​Therefore, the most important consideration when tumbling is safety. When performing these acrobatic feats, gymnasts must use mats to protect them from mishaps and falls. A good gymnastics mat will provide cushioning and protection while a gymnast practices and perfects his or her routine.

This emphasis on safety doesn’t end when practicing at home either — no, carpeted flooring is not enough. (I’ve had parents actually ask me that!) A serious gymnast needs the proper equipment at home — just like a gymnastics bar for home, or perhaps the uneven variety — in order to truly flourish in the sport.

Note: To do activities such as tumbling runs, you may need to get more than one tumbling mat. Most mats have a way to attach multiple mats end to end in order to elongate it.

The emphasis here is on safety, of course, so a high-quality mat is important; but we also wanted to find cheap gymnastics mats that wouldn’t break the bank.

​How Much Do Home Gymnastics Mats Cost?

A gymnastic mat for home use usually ranges in price from $75 to $200, with most products priced at around $100. Bigger name brands and higher-quality mats tend to hover around $125-$150, however.

Again, an additional cost consideration is the fact that you’ll often need to purchase more than one mat to provide adequate room to perform the activity safely. However, if cost is a major concern, consider starting with one mat and limiting yourself to low-movement activities to begin, and gradually adding more mats as you can afford them.

List of the Best Gymnastics Tumbling Mats​

So, without further ado, here is our list of the top 5 best gymnastics mats for home use:

Gymnastic mats need to be thick, firm, and durable. For maximum effectiveness they should not sink too much when you tumble.

This multi-purpose folding mat from Soozier is a great product that can of course be used for gymnastics, but also for pilates,  yoga, and even martial arts.

The durable leather cover and non-absorbent shell protect the foam inside and increase its life.

Velcro straps on both ends of the mat allow it to be connected to additional mats to increase the length for tumbling practice.

In reviews people have said great things about this product. For all these reasons, and the reasonable price tag, this gymnastics mat sits at the number 1 position on our list.

Made from a 2” high density EPE foam, these are ideal gymnastic mats for home use.

It has an anti-puncture surface made from non-absorbent leather.

With a 60-day money back guarantee, this product is well-worth a try.

It can be added to other mats through Velcro straps and has an easy to fold design for increased portability.

If you are looking for a cheap gymnastics mat that is also of great quality, your search should end here.

The manufacturer, Giantex, is a popular provider of a large variety of gymnastic products for home use. These gymnastic mats they sell have a consistently high customer rating.

Sewn handles make them easy to fold, carry and store. These mats come in a great combination of pink and black, with a surface that is easy to clean.

Velcro straps are present on all four sides for connecting to additional mats.

An extra bit of thickness adds to your safety when using this product.

In addition to gymnastics, these mats work great for yoga and martial arts practices.

This is another mat provider with plenty of color options. This gymnastic mat from Polar Aurora has everything you would want, as far as cheap gymnastics mats go.

A durable PU leather cover contains 2” thick foam sealed by a zipper.

It can be added to other mats from all 4 sides. The thick long lasting foam is quite firm, yet the mat is very light.

They do not provide a money back guarantee; however, an excellent customer service and quick replacement of faulty products (if any) more than makes up for it.

Give these mats a try if you're looking for a solid product at a decent price.

At number 5, we have the gym mats from We sell Mats. This is the first product in our list that comes in a huge variety of colors. Pink, blue, green…you name it!

They offer different sizes for different age groups, the largest one being 4’ x 10’.

A 2” thick polythene foam is covered with non-toxic and durable vinyl cover, with Velcro straps for connecting additional mats.

The mat is also highly portable and can be used for activities like gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, yoga and more! Overall, a very solid product.


To have a successful career in gymnastics, you have to live and breath the sport. This means practicing as much as possible, including at home. While injuries cannot be completely eliminated, they can be avoided by taking proper safety precautions and using the right gymnastics equipment.

While there are many great gymnastics mat options, some are better than others. The key is to balance between a cheap gymnastics mat and one that is high quality. There are tons of considerations you should take into account: mat size, thickness, portability, durability, and pricing.​

We hope our reviews of the top gymnastics mats have been beneficial to you, and wish you the very best in your gymnastics career.