Best Uneven Bars in 2019

Best Uneven Bars in 2019

On your gymnastics journey to the Olympics — or at least to that college scholarship — some important decisions will have to be made. Gymnastics is unique to other sports in that what you get out of it often depends on what you put into it. It takes knowledge, dedication, and heart. It requires major investments — a financial investment, of course, as quality gym time is not cheap, but especially an investment of time.

Simply put, getting better doesn’t happen overnight — getting better at gymnastics requires consistent practice, and consistent practice takes time.

When it comes to uneven bars, the primary way to improve performance in this event is to buy uneven bars for your home. By doing so, your child will be able to devote more time to practicing — time that he or she would otherwise be spending lounging around (i.e. forgetting about what he or she just practiced at the gym).

In this article we’ll talk about uneven bars and give advice on buying uneven gymnastics bars for use at home. You should know that getting a set of uneven bars for home use will give your child a leg up on the competition — which is one step closer to his or her (and your) gymnastics dreams, performing at this level:

Reviews of the Top Home Uneven Bars

After searching for and reviewing the available uneven bars for sale, these are the top products based on quality, ease of use, and affordability.

Tumbl Trak is perhaps the most reputable brand in the gymnastics equipment industry. They consistently produce high-quality products, and this 5-in-1 bar is no different.

The Tumble Trak 5-in-1 was created to be versatile, able to be used in multiple ways, including the following set-ups:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Uneven
  • Parallel

The included bars are adjustable and very strong. A downside is that it does not come with a mat, so you’ll have to get one separately.


  • An all-in-one gymnastic apparatus
  • Strong enough for all skills
  • Adjustable


  • Expensive
  • Weight limit of 125 lbs
  • Mat sold separately

This is the best asymmetric bars apparatus (or any type of bar, really) that money can buy. Getting this product for your home will give your child a great piece of equipment to practice on.

Nimble Sports is another popular brand with a reputation for quality products. This particular one is known as the “3play” because it can be used as the following:

  • Single
  • Parallel
  • Uneven


  • Relatively cheap
  • Very versatile
  • Offers model that includes a mat, meaning you’ll get each for significantly cheaper (check it out here)


  • Weight limit of 125 lbs
  • Not always easy to adjust
  • Upgrades increase cost

Overall, this is a great product. While not quite as impressive as the #1 on our list in terms of performance and versatility, it is less expensive and provides similar usability.

Guide to Finding the Right Uneven Bars

While I’ve tried to be as helpful as possible in the above uneven bars reviews, you may still want to learn more about asymmetric bars and how to find the best uneven bars for sale on your own. That’s great!

Below you’ll find an in-depth guide about this fantastic piece of gymnastics equipment, as well as some tips on buying uneven bars.

What Are Uneven Bars?

Uneven bars, also known as asymmentric bars, are used in artistic gymnastics by female gymnasts. The bars are a certain distance from each other, at different heights. The gymnast then performs by moving back and forth.

Girls lining up to use uneven bars

The standard measurements of uneven bars, according to the International Federation of Gymnastics, are as follows:

  • Upper bar height: 8.2 feet
  • Lower bar height: 5.6 feet
  • Diameter: 1.6 inches
  • Length: 7.9 feet
  • Distance between bars: 4.3 feet to 5.9 feet

While the above are the official measurements, they need not be exact on a set of kids uneven bars. In fact, it would be better to tailor the apparatus to better suit the size of the child.

Where to Buy Uneven Bars for Gymnastics

In my opinion, the best place to buy uneven bars is Amazon — though this is nothing new, as Amazon is my favorite source for most equipment (simply because of their vast selection and reputation as a reliable marketplace). The uneven bars on Amazon that you’ll find are sold by high quality brands, as Amazon usually vets sellers for quality. Bottom line here — if you are committed, and after you’ve researched the products (or followed this guide) and you’re ready to make a purchase, you should try to buy uneven bars on Amazon.

Keep in mind, however, that if you’re looking for cheap uneven bars, you may have difficulty — these are serious pieces of equipment that need to be well made for obvious safety and performance reasons, and with that higher quality comes a moderate price tag.

The good news here is that most of these products can also double as a horizontal home gymnastics bar, which saves you from having to buy one of those as well.

Home Uneven Bars Safety Information

When setup and used correctly, using uneven gymnastics bars at home is very safe. Obviously, if a mat does not come with your uneven bars purchase, you will want to look into buying a good gymnastics mat for safety reasons.

Though injuries do (and will) occasionally happen, once setup properly — with a mat in place — safely using the bars depends entirely on the gymnast’s experience and ability.

Common Questions About Uneven Bars

While I hope I was very thorough in this guide, you may still have some questions. In my experience as a coach, there are a few frequently asked questions about uneven bars that I will try my best to answer below. If you still have any questions, however, feel free to contact me.

How much do uneven bars cost?

Many people want to find cheap uneven bars, of course. But you should think about buying asymmetric bars for your home as an investment. Generally speaking, uneven bars cost around $500, with prices ranging from $350 to $1000.

How are uneven bars used?

Female gymnasts use this apparatus by moving from one bar to the other. The key is on the transitions, on which the gymnast is graded closely (in competition).

Can I buy uneven bars that can also be used as other kinds of bars?

Absolutely! In fact, most products are made as a combination — meaning it can be used it different ways. Thus, not only is it the way to go in terms of cost efficiency, but it will be most beneficial for your child to practice on all kinds of setups.

How can I get my child to practice on the uneven bars at home?

Like any coach worth her salt, I say to try to summon an encouraging speech to motivate her to practice. However, if (or when) this doesn’t work, you could try rewards for practicing or other forms of bribery. (Our secret — don’t tell anyone I said that!) The best way, of course, is to somehow get him or her excited to practice on their kids uneven bars. This is obviously optimal for long-term motivation (and thus improvement).

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful, and that you were able to use it to find the right asymmetric bars for you. As always, best of luck!